Congratulations to the winners of 2018

In Admiral, there can never be enough awards, we always hire stars and always believe in appreciating them. The Annual Awards takes place with team members being recognized for their hard work throughout the previous year. Each Award reflects the skills and attributes we look for in our employees. The awards have been running since 2010.

Congratulations to the winners of the year 2018:-

Bakul Gupta :- Icare Champ (Motor)
Neha Sharma :- Icare Champ (Motor)
Anu A :- Icare Champ (Motor)
Rahul Singh :- Icare Champ (Telematics)
Mohit Madan :- Icare Champ (Telematics)
Neha Kochar :- Icare Champ (Telematics)
Samrat Deb :- Icare Champ (Telematics)
Neha Singh :- Icare Champ (HH)
Shafquat Hussain :- Icare Champ (HH)
Sagar Sharma :- Icare Champ (HH)
Pallavi Tandon :- Icare Champ (BO)
Shivali Mittal :- Icare Champ (BO)
Mahendra Nautiyal :- Icare Champ (BO)
Shankar Rampal :- Max 10/10
vishal Tripathi :- Max 10/10
Jagriti Makan :- Max 10/10
Samrat Deb :- Max 10/10
Rahul Singh :- Max 10/10
Vishaka Addyya :- Max 10/10
Amit Mehra :- Max 10/10
Ankit Mittal :- Max 10/10
Neha Singh :- Max 10/10
Jai Kumar :- Super Scorer
Joydeep Bose :- Super Scorer
Asif Majeed :- Super Scorer
Atul Verma :- Super Scorer
Rajnish Nath :- Super Scorer
Amardeep Chaudhary :- Super Scorer
Sagar Sharma :- Super Scorer
Indra Bharti :- Super Scorer
Kumar Kunal :- Super Scorer
Abhik Dutta-Choudhury :- Super Scorer
Bimal Prasad :- Super Scorer
Tamanna Sharma :- Super Scorer
Tania Vij :- Best Trainer
Nitin Pranjpe :- Best Support Person